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Hydraulic Clamping Systems

We offer high quality hydraulic clamping systems that open new ways in mastering the most difficult situation with uncompromising thoroughness. We use sophisticated technology, perfect construction and special materials that make clamping devices a generation ahead of the conventional work holding fixtures in clamping force, clamping accuracy and load torque.

  • Improves quality and efficiency in all areas of machining and inspection
  • Solves the most difficult clamping issues
  • Reduces rejections to a minimum
  • Allows mounting of several piece parts
  • Reduces mounting and dismounting time
    • No tapered mandrel
    • No hammering
    • No arbor press
    • No deformation of work piece or damage to the clamping surface
    • No loose components
    • No axial movement while clamping Reduces cost in every aspect
  • Reduces cost in every aspect
  • Flexibility of design and application
    • Can be adopted to perform any machining operations of turning, copy turning, boring, drilling, gear cutting, gear finishing etc.
    • Can be extended to clamp on blind bores
    • Splined or threaded bores can be located on the major/minor/pitch-line diameter.
  • No requirement of additional skill
  • Low maintenance

Application Examples

Hydraulic Arbor

Hydraulic Chuck